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110bn GBP annual total worth of UK’s agricultural supply chain
  • UK agri-tech: at a glance

    From the world’s first automated measurement device for monitoring pH and temperature in dairy herds, to sustainable and efficient water use in crop management, the UK is at the forefront of agri-tech.

    UK farmers have adopted key precision agriculture technology, such as robotic milking, GPS soil analysis, variable rate fertilisers, electronic ear tags and other kinds of technology to manage plants and livestock.

    The UK government invests around 400 million GBP per year in agricultural research. There are several research and development (R&D) centres in the UK for livestock, aqua culture, plant science and precision technology.

    There are up to 48 sea farms across the highlands. Salmon from Scotland is exported to over 50 countries around the world. 50% of the fish consumed in the world comes from the UK.

    The UK has world class plant sciences, with specialities in GM production, plant health, and improving production. We’re also home to 6 of the top 8 veterinary universities in Europe. (QS university rankings)

  • UK government support

    We also have a competitive pricing and tax/tariff environment and stable supply chains. There are also a range of schemes offering commercial help and support to find and trade with UK agritech companies.

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