Capital Investment

The UK government is committed to supporting international investment into property development and infrastructure projects.

Over 80 government supported projects available to investors
  • What is Capital Investment?

    Capital Investment means equity or debt loan-funding invested into opportunities such as projects, enterprises or companies. The UK government has sourced a number of property development and infrastructure projects, examples of which include:

    • science and enterprise parks
    • infrastructure projects such as energy generation schemes

    The Capital Investment team can help by:

    • aligning international investors with a credible project pipeline
    • helping international investors navigate their investment journey
    • giving guidance on UK regulations and policy
    • working with UK organisations to ensure that their offer is investable

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  • UK regional investment opportunities

    Each UK region has exciting capital investment projects in a variety of industries.

    Find out more about opportunities in:

    The UK Government is identifying new projects across the whole of the UK, including in London. Investors who are interested in our projects can find out more about our projects by contacting

  • Sector investment opportunities

    The UK Government sources projects from a variety of attractive and high potential sectors across the UK.

    Find out more about opportunities in:

    Homes in England