Chemicals: grow your business in the UK

  • world-class science base
  • established facilities
  • dynamic supply chain
50 billion GBP worth of sales - growing 5% per year
  • UK chemicals: at a glance

    Dynamic and diverse, the UK is one of the top chemical-producing nations. The industry is founded on abundant resources, supported by world-class scientists and manufacturers, and offers investors well-established facilities and skills.

    The UK supplies the world with 95,000 different chemicals and chemical products, many of which can’t be found in other countries. We have key capabilities in petrochemicals, basic chemicals and polymers, agrochemicals in fertilisers, pharmaceuticals, consumer chemicals like perfumes, and speciality chemicals.

    The industry has a strong workforce, employing 100,000 people, with support industries increasing this to around 300,000.

    The industry spends around 5 billion GBP on R&D per year, with 4 billion GBP per year spent on infrastructure projects.

    40% of the UK’s manufacturing spending is on the chemicals industry. Notable international companies like CRODA and BASF are based in the UK.

    The UK chemicals industry is closely regulated for sustainability and safety.

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