Medical technology: grow your business in the UK

  • strong research base
  • world-leading innovation
  • skilled engineering workforce
7.6 billion GBP total market worth
  • UK medical technology: at a glance

    The UK medical technology sector is a thriving ecosystem of researchers, scientists, engineers, designers and NHS clinicians working in an established industrial base. Together they drive the path of a novel technology from innovation, through the process of design and manufacture, and ultimately to the patient.

    There are nearly 3,700 companies in the UK’s medical technology sector, 98% of them are small to medium-sized enterprises. The sector generates a turnover of 21 billion GBP. They produce a vast range of medical devices and diagnostic technologies.

    There is a significant focus on single use technology, orthopaedic devices and in vitro diagnostics. The service and supply chain for medical technologies provides essential support including design, manufacturing and regulatory expertise.

    The fastest growing segments of the UK industry by revenue are:

    • medical imaging, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%
    • in vitro diagnostics (CAGR 7%)
    • drug delivery (CAGR 7%)

    The fastest growing segments by employment are:

    • digital health (CAGR 28%)
    • drug delivery (CAGR 23%)
    • single use technology (CAGR 19%)
  • Talent and skills

    The sector employs nearly 115,000 people and the UK has the highest number of skilled engineers and researchers in Europe.

    The UK offers the opportunity for medical technologies innovators to:

    • conduct research and development based on unmet clinical needs, matched to gaps in care
    • design, prototype and manufacture, with iterative development
    • test efficacy and prove clinical utility through clinical studies
    • validate products and gain regulatory approval
    • demonstrate value through health technology assessment and partnership with the NHS
    • unlock global market opportunities by using an evidence base generated in the UK
  • UK government support

    The UK offers access to innovative researchers in engineering, physical, social, medical, and digital sciences.

    If you’re investing in or setting up in the UK, you can benefit from supportive medical technology partners every step of the way, including:

    The government also has up to 50 billion GBP available to support finance and insurance for supplies from within the UK to buyers outside the UK. This support takes the form of guarantees, insurance and loans issued by its export credit agency, UK Export Finance.

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