An overview of the technology sector in the UK

Our technology sector is larger than the rest of Europe combined; it has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK over the last decade. The technology we produce underpins all sectors from financial services and high-value manufacturing to retail and agriculture.

The UK offers an outstanding environment for global tech companies. We have:

  • a strong start-up culture bolstered by tech clusters all over the UK
  • a ranking of third best place in the world in the Global Innovation Index in 2016
  • an active venture capital community - the UK has the highest number of initial public offerings (IPOs) and more tech 'unicorns' (a start-up company valued at over 1 billion USD) created than anywhere else in Europe
  • the largest e-commerce market in Europe
  • 4 of the world’s top 10 universities, plus educational providers that develop our technology workforce

The UK's technology economy has strengths in electronic systems, communications, data management and analytics, data centres, cloud services, artificial intelligence, cyber, semiconductor design and sensors.

Tech businesses are at the heart of the UK economy and are playing an important role in driving growth across the country.

Help for Indian tech start-ups to launch in the UK

India's best new tech firms can get help to launch in the UK through the UK-India tech rocketship awards.

Award winners will be offered access to financial support and advice from UK business experts to help them launch in the UK and grow internationally.

You can apply if your company has been operating in India, was set up in or after 2000 and has 30 or more employees.